[aux_quote type=”intro-hero” text_align=”left” quote_symbol=”1″ title=”title” extra_classes=””] About Al-Rasoul Islamic Society [/aux_quote]

Al-Rasoul Islamic Society has been proudly serving its diverse community in the Halifax Regional Municipality for over 20 years.

Since its inception, the vision of the society is based on creating an environment that’s filled with love, peace, openness and hospitality to everyone in the community. With such a philosophy, the society has been successful in attracting and unifying people from diverse ethnicities and cultural backgrounds as one big family, in a beautiful reflection of the peaceful Islamic teachings, and in alignment with our core Canadian values that promote inclusiveness.

Our Center currently serves as a place of worship, social gatherings and educational learning, where great memories are made, insightful information is gained, and delicious food is served!


[aux_quote type=”pullquote-normal” text_align=”left” quote_symbol=”1″ title=”title” extra_classes=””]Our ultimate goal is to enrich our religious knowledge, promote bridges of understanding and empathy while continuing to be constructive members of our beloved Canadian society.[/aux_quote]