Our Current Activities:
  • Thursday Night Program: Congregational prayers, recitation of Dua Kumayl and delivering a Spiritual speech.


  • Friday Prayers: Delivery of Friday sermons in addition to Congregational prayers.


  • Saturday Night Gathering: A non-formal dinner gathering for the youth that’s concluded with an exciting discussion circle.


  • Al-Rasoul’s Sunday School: An educational platform for kids that enhances their understanding of Islamic teachings and morals.


  • Daily Ramadan Program: A daily program during the month of Ramadan that’s rich with spirituality and inclusiveness, where the community as a whole joins in attending an educational lecture delivered by world renowned speakers, before breaking their fasting together with a free meal followed by an open Question and Answer session.


  • Special Islamic Events: Throughout the year, the society hosts celebratory events and commemoration gatherings that relate to important Islamic occasions.


  • Interfaith Gatherings: Periodically, the center hosts numerous discussion panels, interfaith dialogue programs and conferences.


  • Al-Rasoul’s LOVE: A unique program that focuses on female empowerment and providing custom activities for women of all ages.


  • Community Outreaching: Giving back to the local community by partnering with charities, non-profit organizations and neighbouring religious institutions. The Society also offers social support to newcomers to ease their transition and successful integration to Canada.