Resident Scholar Biography


Sayed Muhammad Aqeel Shah was born in Peshawar, Pakistan. He completed his Bachelor’s in Political Science and Master’s in History from Peshawar University, Pakistan. He also earned his Sultan ul-Afazil Degree (Equivalent to MA Arabic and Islamic Studies) from Wifaqul Madaris Seminary in Punjab, Pakistan.

He attended religious classes in the Hawza of Qum, Iran for ten years, during which he was a student of some famous personalities such as Ayatullah Jawadi Amoli and Ayatullah Sheikh Nasir Makaram Shirazi. He taught Islamic Studies at a college in Kenya and Dubai for ten years before migrating to Canada over fifteen years ago.


Sayed Muhammad Aqeel Shah is fluent in English, Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Pashto. He has written and translated several books, articles and essays in various languages. He is also a representative of different Jurists (Mujtahideen) in Islamic Laws, and offers the community a wide range of services including counseling, marriage and divorce and taking care of religious dues (e.g. Khums, Zakat and Charity). Sayed continues to deliver insightfully diverse lectures and numerous Islamic seminars all around the world.


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Tel: +1 902-405-0164